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Top 5 DIY Easy Eye Makeup Looks | For Beautiful and Sexy EyesSexy Eyes in a Few Easy Steps


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Easy sexy eyes

Pinned by Aninha Rodrigues Photo: As a rule less is more when it comes to applying highlighter to your face so build the color slowly. They give you so much warm definition that anyone that looks into it will surely appreciate how sexy your eyes are. Pinned by Dreena Marie via Sortrashion Photo: Remember to always blend and buff the color out so there are no harsh lines. If your eye makeup look is done with a softer shadow application, use a pencil or liquid liner and create a sexy cat eye to compliment the color on your lids and let them stand out. You can choose the lightest shade of black or even brown eye pencil and just use it naturally along the lash lines, which will give a natural definition to your eye. Learn how to recreate this Miley-inspired eye by clicking here. Use this tutorial to get the look. Easy sexy eyes

Easy sexy eyes

Easy sexy eyes

Easy sexy eyes

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4 thoughts on “1. The Lash Lock: No Smears, No Smudges

  1. Sexy Lashes in Seconds What's the fun in batting your lashes if you don't have thick, luscious lashes? Use this tutorial to get the look.

  2. The smokey eye is a go to look for brown eyes. Pointed is especially good for making close-set eyes look farther apart.

  3. Once done, apply some white highlighter adjacent to the edge of your liner to give a sexy look to your eyes. Sexy Gilded Cat Eyes If you don't want to make such a statement, but still want to wear gorgeous eye makeup, try this tutorial on for size. While cats get this look naturally, we can achieve this look too using some simple strokes and a little practice.

  4. The more beautiful the eyes, the more soothing and memorable is the eye contact! Sweep your choice of color from the beginning of your lashline outwards. Don't be afraid to pair a deep ruby red lip with a super-smoky eye—just take care to keep your lines clean and well-defined.

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