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Meet Voltage, The Japanese Choose-Your-Own-Romance App MakerMy Sensual Journey into Japan's $90 Million Fake Anime Boyfriend Market


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Voltage dating

For Dawn, the MC's personality is the least enjoyable part of playing otome games. Oops sorry Countless blogs around the world are devoted to the genre, replete with reviews and walkthroughs. In a review on the iTunes store for Star-Crossed Myth, for example, one user wrote that she had fallen "wholeheartedly, head over heels in love" with Scorpio, which is funny, because he literally told me that I was his and his alone several times. The plot of 10 Days with My Devil, for example, follows a main character who has somehow convinced a house full of very handsome demons to give her ten days to finish her mundane business before shoving her off this mortal coil. Voltage dating

Voltage dating

Voltage dating

Voltage dating

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