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Sweet Sugar (1972) WIP flick w/ Phyllis Davis

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Lots of nude girls

For us, creating and curating porn for a female audience is about acknowledging that women like porn and creating a welcoming, female focused space for that to happen. Stories typically offer a female perspective and focus on female orgasm. Inside you'll find a glorious variety of down and dirty porn for women. For The Girls is one of the oldest and largest erotica for women sites on the internet. All we want to do is offer you the best quality porn for women, minus all the bullshit sexism, cliches and slut-shaming offensive crap. Of course, we have our own tastes and we've done our best to follow our own desires in making this site. Lots of nude girls

Lots of nude girls

Lots of nude girls

Lots of nude girls

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  1. For The Girls is an independent adult site, created by two women who wanted to see porn that reflected their own desires and tastes. Porn for women is porn that a woman likes.

  2. You'll find hot guys of all shapes and sizes, all getting nude and showing off their wonderful hard penises.

  3. We hope that you'll find porn at For The Girls that will also appeal to your own tastes and desires. So there's a lot of that. Stories typically offer a female perspective and focus on female orgasm.

  4. Because FTG dates back years, you'll find plenty of great reading and hot smut in our giant archive.

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