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Angry Dragon By ElbodropUproar over China's 'angry dragon' stamp


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Suicide Guy Gameplay - "DEATH DRAGON?!?" - Let's Play Walkthrough

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Angry dragon of death

We loaded your account with your Twitter details. If we find matches from your Facebook friends, we'll connect you to them right away. We based it off your Facebook details. The PRC is ordering hits in Hong Kong on triad members; the body part harvesters have declared all out war on the Hong Kong police department; and a serial cop killer is running up the headcount on Hong Kongs streets. Twitter Username? Join with your email address Email Full Name? Date of Birth? Angry dragon of death

Angry dragon of death

Angry dragon of death

Angry dragon of death

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  3. Once again Chief Inspector Augustus Foxs elite Hong Kong police Crimes Again Persons directorate must swing into action and become anti-crime street sweepers before the China carries through on its threat to send in fifty thousand troops to put the former crown colony under marshal law, thus ending forever Chinas hopes of becoming a modern democratic market-based economy.

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