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Red light area - RecoletaPalermo, Buenos Aires Travel Guide


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Buenos aires red light district

We were relieved when we walked into our second bar a few streets down, one with drink specials, dim lighting and what seemed to be a healthy ratio of women to men. The covers very from weeknight to weekend, coming in a tad steeper on the nights truly dedicated for the night owls. The menu offers rotating options, but could be something like steak and pasta, both of which are delicious, and your choice of beers, wine or coffee. Why don't they complain about this utter disregard for then sanctity of human life in this country? Considered the top strip club and brothel in Buenos Aires. Even stranger, all of these girls were staring and smiling at us. Las Canitas, located right by the polo field, used to be a military area and it still preserves the buildings used by the high ranks of the Army back in the day. The female line-up is presented and a selection is made for the female or male and amount of desired time. Street Walkers The street walking prostitutes are uncommon and with good reason. Closed as of Jan Buenos aires red light district

Buenos aires red light district

Buenos aires red light district

Buenos aires red light district

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  1. After confusedly paying way too much for drinks and sitting down at an empty table in the middle of the room, I got a better chance to look around. Both of us were asking the same question: So, which areas should you stay in?

  2. There are tons of great hotels in this city, and often for some decent prices. Like most hotels of this quality, you get free Wi-Fi anywhere in the building, and the concierge is always willing to help you with anything you need, including some local recommendations that will be very spot on.

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