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14 things you should know before dating a Scottish guy11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Scottish Person


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American girl dating a scottish guy

Scottish men are extremely proud of their bloodline and heritage; always remembering where they came from. Do, however, remember that the people are "Scottish" and the whiskey is "Scotch". It's not like all Irish girls are "all anal, all the time" or something crazy. It's only a cultural skip across one ocean. What is he used to from the local girls? Sexually they believe they've hit the jackpot if you're as into sex as your question seems to suggest so relax about that. American girl dating a scottish guy

American girl dating a scottish guy

American girl dating a scottish guy

American girl dating a scottish guy

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  1. Thank you. If you don't know what it is, google it. Forget the haggis, only americans and old men eat that.

  2. If you want real old-school cool, "learn" how to make mince and tatties and add some mustard.

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