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The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

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Velvet underground wikipedia

Their music was generally much more relaxed than it would later become: Before any of this could come to fruition, Cale and Reed fell out again, breaking up the band once more. In addition to handling all the bass and piano duties on Loaded, Yule also contributed several lead guitar parts and played drums on five of the album's ten tracks most notably on the songs "Rock and Roll" and "Sweet Jane" [61] since Moe Tucker who was credited as the album's drummer was absent on maternity leave to have her first child, a daughter named Kerry. Played it extensively when the first LP came out in and all that kind of stuff. Nico had also begun a solo career with Cale producing a majority of her albums. Velvet underground wikipedia

Velvet underground wikipedia

Velvet underground wikipedia

Velvet underground wikipedia

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  1. According to Morrison, MacLise is said to have regretted leaving the Velvet Underground and wanted to rejoin, but Reed specifically prohibited this and made it clear that this stint was only temporary. Cale had some wacky ideas. What many consider to be the prime songs of these recording sessions were released years later, in , in a compilation album called VU.

  2. The album was released on January 30, , entering the Billboard Top chart for two weeks, at number

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