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Top 8 Haunted Hotels in SavannahSAVANNAH'S GHOSTS & SPIRITS


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Haunted Savannah

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Haunted bed and breakfast in savannah ga

Some guests have also noticed the smell of cigar smoke in some of the rooms. Flickering lights and disappearing objects have also been reported. Guests have claimed to see a man in a dark suit and top hat who stares off into space before fading away. Here are the rumors and reasons some are mentioned on the tours. Welcome to Savannah, a beautiful southern city that is brimming with gorgeous architecture in historic homes and museums , natural beauty and fascinating history. It is said that voices and screams can still be heard throughout the hotel and the lights will flicker and the faucets turn themselves on and off randomly. During the early part of the 19th century, Savannah was the second largest cotton seaport in the world. Marshall house is now a nice hotel, but not as peaceful as some guests would have wished. In and in , devastating fires destroyed hundreds of Savannah buildings. At first people thought they were actors but were very surprised to find out that there are no such actors or plays in the hotel. Haunted bed and breakfast in savannah ga

Haunted bed and breakfast in savannah ga

Haunted bed and breakfast in savannah ga

Haunted bed and breakfast in savannah ga

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