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Emotional Test: Are your emotions really stable?Your Emotional Type Quiz


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What Is Your Most Dominant Emotion?

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Emotional walls quiz

I know how to stay calm when I hear bad news. This makes me want to overcompensate by showering them with gifts and constantly showing my love to them. Laugh a little, then dismiss them back. Sometimes they will not have any recollection of traumatic events that undoubtedly happened whatsoever. Punch something like a punching bag or a wall and take out all your anger on it. Another example would be when you dislike someone without any obvious reason. I am always optimistic. I have fewer problems than other people I know. If you would like to skip the test and simply read the description of all defense mechanisms and examples, you can do so by clicking on this link. Find the source, and ask how you could improve yourself. Emotional walls quiz

Emotional walls quiz

Emotional walls quiz

Emotional walls quiz

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