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Hotel in sex and the city

Email The reaction of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte upon checking into their suite in "Sex in the City 2" Fans of "Sex and the City 2" will almost certainly remember the opulent, over-the-top hotel the girls stayed at in Abu Dhabi. The ginormous pool certainly makes a statement. Sure, there were some teething problems — the spa was sadly unfinished, and as we there were just a handful of guests at the hotel at the time, not all restaurants were open to us, and there were still lots of little things left to sort out — but even despite that, it still ranks as one of my favourite hotel visits in a long while. Nothing was too much or too complicated to sort out. The trio then makes their way to Bergdorf Goodman in order to shop for a wedding present for a very special couple. The interiors are grand throughout. Hotel in sex and the city

Hotel in sex and the city

Hotel in sex and the city

Hotel in sex and the city

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  1. The food was Michelin star quality, having sampled some of the Japanese, Indian and French menus. Carrie meets up with Louise: The interiors are grand throughout.

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