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Why the Narcissist Seems to Hate You But Won’t Let You Go EasilyWhy Not Let Me Go?


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Why the narcissist won't let you go

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Do narcissists ever let you go

This is because you have been devalued and abused, admittedly it is not always the case as some victims want us back regardless, but there are many who are at best reluctant and at worst determined to resist us. Knowing we can still evoke such emotion in people, after everything that we have done, laces the fuel with a particular power. If the narcissist returns during stage three, the victim has more control over whether they go back. When you get into a relationship with a narcissist, you permanently become part of their collection. I just want to see him one more time and have closure. Do narcissists ever let you go

Do narcissists ever let you go

Do narcissists ever let you go

Do narcissists ever let you go

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  1. As one narcissistic client told me: Now that the narcissist knows you well enough to see your flaws and in a narcissist's mind, to be flawed is to be worthless there is no point staying with you. You are an extension of us.

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