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ATV Gear: Winch Wiring TipsWARN Winch Solenoid


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Unversal Winch Solenoid WIring

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Winch solenoid hook up

Most winch solenoids should be mounted as close to the battery as possible and in a location that will remain somewhat dry. The winch solenoid is the single most important safety component in the power delivery from the battery to the winch. Step 1 Run the positive and negative motor wires from the winch to the solenoid. Making the correct connections is also important when wiring a winch. Wiring the solenoid to the winch and the switch is the final step in the installation process. Overtighening these lugs will result in a broken circuit in the solenoid and a useless winch. If you are installing a brand-new winch, be sure to read the manufacturer's directions and warnings carefully before you start. Items you will need. Pay attention to the proper polarity. Winch solenoid hook up

Winch solenoid hook up

Winch solenoid hook up

Winch solenoid hook up

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  1. Adding a small amount of silicone to the lug after installing the wire and retaining nut will, in most cases, prevent the nut from backing off. Pay attention to the proper polarity. Wire Routing:

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