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Stephy Chan By Warrenlouw On DeviantartStephy Tang


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Stephy chan

Tinkles escapes from the mansion and plots to take over the world with the help of his Japanese sister, Itochan. Ok, Kuzco singing about a certain annoying someone! And the canines also have new members to their team. When Tang started her solo singing career, her record company, EMI , wanted a change to a more grown-up look and style. In , she joined Hong Kong music group Cookies and became the lead singer. Stephy chan

Stephy chan

Stephy chan

Stephy chan

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  1. In , she joined Hong Kong music group Cookies and became the lead singer. While eating breakfast one day, Kuzco gets a visit from a very unexpected visitor!!

  2. Kristene and Kuzco reviews A parody of the movie, "Kate and Leopold! The book takes the form of a diary about a girl who has recently broken up with her lover.

  3. Tang performed her first headline solo concert, called "Stephy, See Thru Live ". The only difference between the other four was the color themes of the album covers:

  4. Ok, Kuzco singing about a certain annoying someone! Emperor's New Groove - Rated: Pretty sad:

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