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The Top 25 Hottest Chefs in AmericaSexy Chef Stock Photos and Images


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Lucy Pinder - Sexy Classic Nuts Magazine Photoshoot!

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Sexy chef photo shoot

Zach Pollack, Los Angeles All photos Pollack is the executive chef and owner of the trendy Sotto restaurant in Los Angeles, a southern Italian restaurant that specializes in Neapolitan cuisine. It's great to share, a little messy, and a lot of fun. I also love martial arts and have a blue belt in karate. I also play in a soccer league in New York. Sexy chef photo shoot

Sexy chef photo shoot

Sexy chef photo shoot

Sexy chef photo shoot

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  1. I'm a big fried chicken guy! He's a fierce talent in all things Italian, including blistered Neapolitan pies, braised meats, pasta dishes, and other treats that will make your heart skip a beat—his good looks are just the cherry on top. I usually take my time making the tomato sauce to allow for the flavors to develop.

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