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Why Move to Orem, Utah

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Orem courthouse

With the change from paper to electronic records in recent years, both judges and attorneys said they look forward to a courthouse operating with current technology. Citation is for an alcohol related offense. The lease ends in June of , and city officials see acquiring the building from the state as the preferred, least-expensive alternative to house both functions. We will be able to be more technologically advanced when we do our trials and our hearings. Case Last Required! Orem courthouse

Orem courthouse

Orem courthouse

Orem courthouse

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  1. If you are determined eligible the clerk will assist you with a plea in abeyance agreement which is required by State law and outlines the requirements for your case to be resolved. The current courthouse building will be remodeled and become the local Applied Technology College. We will be able to be more technologically advanced when we do our trials and our hearings.

  2. Orem's initial contacts with the state about purchasing the building have been promising, Johnson said. Security may confiscate these items if they are disrupting proceedings or are being used to record without authorization.

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