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How to Retain Length for Natural Hair GrowthLength Retention Tips For Natural Hair


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How to Retain Length and Prevent Breakage and excessive shedding on Natural Hair

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How to maintain length for natural hair

Savor each stage of your journey and find inspiration from other naturals with hair the same length as yours. Because growth is genetically predetermined , you cannot physically alter the rate at which your hair grows, nor do you have control of its texture, color or density, but you can improve the health of the new strands and retain length so your growth is visible and your hair is healthy. Using the right product in the right way help your hair grow and stay healthy. I wash every five to seven days. Clarify and exfoliate, especially if you use a lot of styling products. Before discussing how to retain length, we have to get on the same page about the difference between growth and retention. I avoid styles that pull too tightly for too long of a period of time. If your ends look fine after three months, do you boo! How to maintain length for natural hair

How to maintain length for natural hair

How to maintain length for natural hair

How to maintain length for natural hair

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  1. Focus more on the health and strength of your hair, if you're looking for a fast growth chances are you are going to damage your hair and go back on chemicals. This varies person to person, but constant pulling and tension tends to weaken hair and stress the scalp.

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