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Where was Janeane Garofalo’s Movie “The Matchmaker” Filmed? One of the Funniest Irish Comedies!The Matchmaker


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Trailer: "The Matchmaker" 1997

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The matchmaker film

Sean follows Marcy to Boston, and they reconcile. Her job has become to track down his relatives from the small town in Ireland where his family emigrated from. The humour is warm and the characters are all well drawn out. After they have begun their romance, they return home to Sean's house one afternoon to find his estranged wife Moira Saffron Burrows waiting for them. The family name had been changed at Ellis Island when they immigrated, but as they settled in Boston with its large Irish population, he never told his son their true lineage. The matchmaker film

The matchmaker film

The matchmaker film

The matchmaker film

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