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All named character deaths from The Walking Dead season 4List of Deaths (TV Series)


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Sacrifice Louis vs Violet vs Tenn -All Choices- The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4

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The walking dead deaths season 4

Beth has become emotionally numb but is secretly still emotionally fragile, and later forms a bond with Daryl. Died of the flu, then was shot in the head by Maggie. Beaten and murdered by his gang of not-so-friendly pals after attempting to frame Daryl for stealing his half of a rabbit they hunted. After being invited to join the prison group, she splits up to quicken the scavenging. August 4, The walking dead deaths season 4

The walking dead deaths season 4

The walking dead deaths season 4

The walking dead deaths season 4

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  1. Greg Greg Crews: However, Wilson was re-added to the opening credits and as a series regular for the season finale, " A ".

  2. Sasha Williams The fourth season features thirteen series regulars, with nine actors receiving opening credits billing, while four others are credited as "Also starring". Eugene Porter , a scientist, who claims to know what caused the outbreak and is being escorted by Abraham and Rosita to government officials in Washington, D.

  3. Found by Rick and Carol with her leg chopped off and being eaten by walkers. She has begun to bond with the group, and shares a close bond with Rick's son Carl but is still fierce and secretive of her past. This little girl that the Governor took a liking to was bitten by a walker, then shot in the head by the man who swore to protect her before she turned.

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