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Easy DIY Scrabble Coaster GiftHow to Make Scrabble Tile Coasters in Minutes


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Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Coasters - Craft of Giving

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Buy scrabble coasters

I continued the Scrabble tile crafting this weekend by making some coasters. Place tiles on paper bag or newspaper. I loved thinking of four different themes for the coasters and coming up with words that would fit within each. First chose 16 four-letter words four words for each coaster. Buy scrabble coasters

Buy scrabble coasters

Buy scrabble coasters

Buy scrabble coasters

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  1. As you can see, the pre-cut cork coasters I bought were larger than my planned square size, but it helped for aligning the letters first to the top. I had some Scrabble tiles left over from another craft project, and I decided to use them to make some unique coasters. Email Making Scrabble tile coasters is easy!

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