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Still standing: How the Sparks drive-in theater survived the decadesFree Movie Night


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West Wind Capitol 6 Drive-In Movie!

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West wind drive in reno nv

The popcorn, they buy fresh on-site. He and his own wife and children set up an air mattress in the back of the car regularly to watch the silver screen. But when Sparks local Gail Dickson and 13 other residents off El Rancho Drive and Oddie Boulevard complained to authorities about a nude scene of Marlon Brando showing on the silver screen in the film "Last Tango in Paris," the drive-in had to stop showing what were X-rated films at the time. We typically show first run movies every night but on Customer Appreciation Night we give everyone a chance to catch up on the best movies of the past few months. Pink saucer clouds are strewn across the horizon, and the aged, glowing marquee at the drive-in entrance tells passersby that the new Predator is playing tonight. West wind drive in reno nv

West wind drive in reno nv

West wind drive in reno nv

West wind drive in reno nv

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  1. The West Wind Drive-Ins are taking this great value one step further, and will be hosting a Free Movie Night featuring summer movie blockbusters: Children, after tossing around a frisbee or football, crawl on top of their parents' rigs for a view from their precariously arranged sleeping bag forts. You can bring your own snacks, beer, if it's allowed, and it's a double feature.

  2. She was 17 at the time and recalls Pecetti waould stop in the snack shack when he "caught a few more," or found teenagers hiding in their friends' trunks.

  3. In addition to the free movies, there will be live music, bounce houses for the kids and other fun activities planned prior to the start of the movie.

  4. The popcorn, they buy fresh on-site. The screen sat in the corner of the lot, an old photo shows, with nearly a dozen rows for cars arched around the screen. Pirates of the Caribbean:

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