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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 “Updating contact list” problem after Lollipop updateWhy are my contacts not showing in WhatsApp?


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Contact Not Showing -- Not Scan -- Not Working Contact -- System App Contact Settings - Xiaomi Redmi

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My contact list is updating

Texts are just phone numbers with no associations. As you know, contacts can be saved in the phone, the SIM card or in the cloud using your accounts like Google, Facebook, etc. But when I type in a name to text, name associated with number still comes up. Once you exit the Safe mode, you can delete third-party apps one by one until the problem is solved start with the apps you installed recently , or perform a factory data reset this will delete all your data, apps, and personal settings. My contact list is updating

My contact list is updating

My contact list is updating

My contact list is updating

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  1. Also when I look at my groups in my contacts, it has my group contacts saved and I am able to view them but when I pull up texts from those people it only shows the number.

  2. I have filled your directions from a previous post and turn off sync and that has not worked. Swipe right to the ALL screen. Tagged with.

  3. Yeah, I know this problem could be stubborn sometimes but you did great by disabling the sync and doing the soft reset. Just keep the app running in the background and it will take a daily backup of your contact list. Choose Accounts.

  4. Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: This procedure will force the phone to sync with the chosen account only.

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