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30 Things Men Do That Women Always Find Sexy20 Things Men Do That Secretly Turn Women On


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What's Secretly Sexy About Men?

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Sexy things guys do

Knowing When You Need To Be Serious We know guys are not programmed to deal with half the drama us girls put out there but it pays to show you care once in a while Isn't it so sexy when boys remember the name of your dead cat because you mentioned in that one time? So steamy. When they fix things. Sexy things guys do

Sexy things guys do

Sexy things guys do

Sexy things guys do

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  1. Human beings are actually really good at picking stuff up from non-verbal cues. Walking up on him standing there all statuesque on the sidewalk is waaaaaay hotter than finding him inside, already stuffing his face with appetizer bread without you. When they speak a second language.

  2. Loose Ties Again. Hush-Hush Image via Expatriotgames Women have confessed that they get goosebumps when guys whisper into their ears. March 8, Guys, you might have never realized this, but girls find these unintentional acts of yours totally sexy!

  3. Wait for you outside the restaurant on date night and smile when you approach, like an honest-to-god movie scene. Like keeping the toilet seat down would do too! When there is a lot of sexual tension and they keep escalating it and the egregious flirting is reaching astronomical levels but they would never ever make the first move.

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