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The seven levels of intimacy : the art of loving and the joy of being lovedThe Seven Levels of Intimacy: The Art of Loving and the Joy of Being Loved


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Book Review: 7 levels of intimacy, Matthew Kelly

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The 7 levels of intimacy

Cleaning our wounds can be extremely painful but cannot be avoided. Matthew Kelly presents theologically sound teaching in a refreshingly down to earth way. This book explores primary relationships including romantic, familial and friendships. Now in a work environment many times everyone already knows your fears, faults and failures as we act as though we think no one knows. Level 1: We thrive when our needs are met. In many organizations you will find the leader seeking agreement on their ideas rather than empowering the staff and asking questions and listening. It deals with connecting on 7 different levels in a relationship. This course will focus on the last remaining barriers to true connection in the heart. The 7 levels of intimacy

The 7 levels of intimacy

The 7 levels of intimacy

The 7 levels of intimacy

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  1. This level can set you free from being a victim to become a victor. Matthew Kelly presents theologically sound teaching in a refreshingly down to earth way.

  2. Acceptance is the key to the third level. Intimacy involves revealing yourself to your partner. Knowing our feelings Being comfortable expressing our feelings Expressing them at the right time Expressing them in the right place Expressing them to the right person.

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