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How can I delay my period?Is It Safe To Delay Your Period?


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Stop Your Period With Lemon - What To Do - How To Do- Why This Works

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How to delay period for a week

Take the inactive pills from the second packet during week seven. With this day regimen, you take active pills for 84 days — or 12 weeks. However, the increase in these types of period suppression has led to debate about the possible health risks of interfering with your natural menstrual cycle. Each pill contains a constant dose of progestin but the dose of estrogen gradually increases — starting with 20 micrograms mcg , moving up to 25 mcg and moving up again to 30 mcg — at three distinct times during the regimen. Everybody is different. Among those currently available in the U. Is it better to delay your period with day birth control pills or with continuous or extended-cycle pills? Delaying your period can help you manage various menstrual symptoms. You may want to postpone your period until after an important exam, athletic event, vacation or special occasion, such as your wedding or honeymoon. It is safe to take back-to-back packets occasionally, but only up to three packets. How to delay period for a week

How to delay period for a week

How to delay period for a week

How to delay period for a week

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  1. A non-hormonal medicine an anti-prostaglandin called tranexamic acid is also available. Now, if you're not on birth control and not getting your period, that's definitely something to talk to your doctor about, Dr. Back to Travel health How can I delay my period?

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