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Classic Literature Quotes25 Of The Best Book Quotes Of All Time


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11 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature (Read by LeVar Burton)

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Famous quotes from classic literature

The inclusion of this piece of paternal advice at the very start of his narration suggests that he is exhorting us to reserve judgment ourselves. I loved you, Gemma, when you were an ugly little girl in a gingham frock, with a scratchy tucker and your hair in a pig-tail down your back; and I love you still. Above all, to watch. You are bound to have days when you wonder whether the results are worth the effort. From children's books to literary fiction to nonfiction, every genre is filled with great book quotes that strike a chord in your heart and just stick with you. We become ourselves. Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness Time, which sees all things, has found you out. Frodo expresses regret that these things have happened during his lifetime. Famous quotes from classic literature

Famous quotes from classic literature

Famous quotes from classic literature

Famous quotes from classic literature

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