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Captain BeefheartMore by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band


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Captain Beefheart - Ashtray Heart

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Captain beefheart radar station

In its stead there is a hoarse cloudiness, a new hollowness in the lower range, making his voice a less powerful instrument than even just two years before. The lyrics tell of the creation of beautiful pearls, done "from the inside"; a parable of creativity. Indeed, by previous Beefheart standards, the current LP offers a clean canvas on which the artist smears thick drum blobs, guitar brush strokes and vocal spatterings. Print Don Van Vliet, a. Captain beefheart radar station

Captain beefheart radar station

Captain beefheart radar station

Captain beefheart radar station

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  1. All I know is that there is no other group I've heard that has such power and the ability to communicate it to me.

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