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שפשוף נעים🤣 HD Israeli Film فيلم إسرائيلي مضحك FUNNY [אסקימו לימון 3] Lemon Popsicle - Eis am Stiel

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Fingered scene

The deer, the viscera, and the blood were all fake. I wish that they had done it to Kern instead. There was noise, there were instruments and people calling themselves musicians. The goat obliged and was rewarded with treats. An AHA representative, along with several trainers and a veterinarian, were present during filming to ensure that Nellie was comfortable at all times. A Note on Content American Humane Association endeavors to monitor animal action and provide a safe working environment for animal actors. For this scene, the production coordinated filming with the horses' natural breeding schedule. AHA in no way condones nor endorses the content of a film; we must remain focused on being effective in our daily efforts to promote ongoing protection for our vulnerable animal actors. To get the goat to run past the "speeding" truck, trainers stood on either side of the vehicle with buckets of the goat's favorite food and called to the animal. Fingered scene

Fingered scene

Fingered scene

Fingered scene

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