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Corbett wikipedia

I am sure this is first step towards taking this article to wikipedia standards. Navy , Corbett saw naval warfare as part of a nation's larger policies. Schurman and John Hattendorf edited and wrote an introduction to Corbett's previously unpublished official study Maritime Operations in the Russo-Japanese War, — U. This difficulty was the physical geographical differences of the sea and land. Over time he became a good tracker and hunter. Their first child, Andrew, had a heart defect and died at six weeks old at St Thomas' Hospital , London. Regarding the disambiguating term I believe that ' hunter ' should be kept, again as he is more well-known as a hunter. Corbett House at Corbett Museum, Kaladhungi, Uttarakhand Mary Jane was very influential in Nainital social life among Europeans and she became a kind of real estate agent for European settlers. They had one son and one daughter. Corbett wikipedia

Corbett wikipedia

Corbett wikipedia

Corbett wikipedia

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  1. Generally, human name disambiguation pages aren't titled as nicknames unless they only contain people with the nickname.

  2. The Bachelor was a very rare exception and Corbett later regretted killing him. But think that the page title Jim Corbett Conservationist is as much inadequate as the current title. One cannot be both at once.

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