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AVPH NNN dealAVPH 5th Annual Wellness Symposium: Health is Our Cup of Tea


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Volunteer or intern with us to gain experience in the Public Health field. Choose a salad instead of a burger for lunch. The contact form for the conference center asked additional questions that would facilitate booking the venue for an event. The strategies address the following goals: I worked with my liaison from their organization. These contact forms were preset to route to the appropriate recipient. We also determined what content needed to be spotlighted and where it should go. Our programs: The City developed this multi-pronged approach to link residents with much needed social and economic support services and resources. Building Community Capacity We are dedicated to strengthening community knowledge, skills and resources to address community problems through programs like Best Start Lancaster, Best Start Palmdale and Yolo Lancaster Challenge. Avph




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  2. Join our resident collaboratives and Parents in Action to advocate for health in wellness in the AV.

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