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Footloose (2011)Full Cast & Crew


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Footloose imdb

Because apparently, I want to torture you guys right off the bat. Frustrated, Ren leads a group of teens across the border for some illicit dancing. I say provocative for the time period. At least there is some reasoning behind her actions. Footloose imdb

Footloose imdb

Footloose imdb

Footloose imdb

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5 thoughts on “Why I Don't Hate - But Still Don't Love - Footloose

  1. I absolutely do not get the attraction they have to one another. Frustrated, Ren leads a group of teens across the border for some illicit dancing. In this very strange town, drinking and smoking are pretty much ignored, but dancing is definitely a no-no.

  2. I only wished it started off this way. Poor John Lithgow gives it all he has, but even this fine actor cannot make sense of the character. What would you have done in Ren's shoes?

  3. Shaw ultimately realizes the error of his ways when he sees members of his congregation burning library books.

  4. The love story between the two leads and the preacher's change of heart are unconvincing.

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