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What Women Love & Hate About AnalWhat lubricants should we use for anal sex?


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First Time Anal Sex - How To Do Anal

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Petroleum jelly for anal sex

Published July 28, This is a question that is often asked by more people daily than one would think. Lube Lubricant also called lube is a smooth and slippery jelly or liquid that is used to make anal sex more comfortable and enjoyable. None of these studies definitively establishes that sexual lubricants directly cause any type of infection. Also, I'll point out that petroleum jelly is sold in convenient squeeze tubes, so the supply stays more sanitary. Vaseline has been found to cause vaginal infections too. Assume frequent usage times per week, and a good shower post-coitus. Why Do I Need Lube? Petroleum jelly for anal sex

Petroleum jelly for anal sex

Petroleum jelly for anal sex

Petroleum jelly for anal sex

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