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Why Anal Sex Is Pleasurable For Some People — But Not EveryoneIs Anal Sex Pleasurable For Women? Why Butt Stuff Can Feel So Good, According To An Expert


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Is anal sex pleasurable

Evan Goldstein. The kit will consist of usually three butt plugs in small, medium, and large sizes. Although nearly all of the participants were aware that unprotected anal intercourse might put them at risk for sexually transmitted infections, this knowledge apparently did not translate into behavioral change, as evidenced by the participant who had unprotected anal intercourse with her HIV-positive partner. We were delighted to learn about Dr. According to Simon and Gagnon 21 , in choosing to practice certain sexual behaviors over others, individuals are guided by cultural scenarios that proscribe specific courses of action. Lube, lube, lube. Is anal sex pleasurable

Is anal sex pleasurable

Is anal sex pleasurable

Is anal sex pleasurable

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  1. Pleasure-Seeking and Sexual Risk Although researchers have documented the relationship between pleasure-seeking behavior and sexual risk-taking in men who have sex with men 36 — 38 , it is not yet clear how pleasure-seeking may be related to sexual risk-taking among women.

  2. View photos Photo: Indeed, some participants experienced pain during anal sex as enhancing their sexual pleasure.

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